Design Professional Lookbooks Easily

Our professional software will display your digital lookbook in the best way possible, making it look beautiful and polished. Just upload your photos as JPG, JPEG or PDF and our lookbook app will transform them into an inspiring and engaging lookbook. You can share it on social media, email or embed it into your website.

Online and mobile friendly lookbooks with Flipsnack

Flipsnack will help you create a digital lookbook that’s both stylish and professional. It supports links, videos, audio and other interactive features. Make a splash with Flipsnack!

Stunning display

Enhance the beauty of your photos by turning them into an inspiring digital lookbook, that looks real.

Easy to use

With an intuitive interface, Flipsnack can be used by anyone. Just upload your files and publish.

Professional look

First impression counts. Use Flipsnack and your fashion lookbook will make you look good.

No ads

We don't display ads or related publications inside your lookbook because we want your content to shine.

Lookbook examples

Published by ScandiMini
Published by Souris Mini
Published by Jon
Published by Charles VdB
Published by Winser London
Published by Mike Connon
Published by Charli JvR
Published by Six Whiting Street

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