hard disk partitioning and fomatting

October 28, 2014  |  By  | 

Follow the instruction, when you get the message to ‘press any key to boot from CD’. Once the boot from CD-ROM has started, it will display at the top of the screen: Setup is inspecting your computer's hardware configuration. After a brief delay, the Microsoft “Windows Setup” installation screen is displayed. “Setup is loading files”, means it is loading all types of device drivers.” It will finally state: "Setup is starting Windows" and will display after a short delay the “Windows XP Professional Setup" screen. Select "to set up Windows XP now" and press the ENTER key. CREATING A PARTITION ON HARD DISK Setup will now display the partitioning of your disk. If your system has an operating that has been installed, you will see them listed. To continue installing a fresh copy of Windows XP without repairing, press ESC

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