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lit project


Published on November 30, 2014

! ! Introduction ! Dear Joanna, ! The generations are those that refuse to acknowledge the brilliance of literature, but that does not mean that there fails to be literary genius. We live in a world of technological dependence and endless gossip about petty things, it is so greatly unfortunate. Our youth has struggled to find the inspiration within them, the burning ember for creativity, but see I am here to aid. My name is Clarice and I own a very successful corporation, T.TOCK, that helps young people in their struggles. I went to Mercer University in Macon, and received my credentials in business and law to start off my career. I became an entrepreneur and decided to start my own business from the ground up, because I know the ins and outs of the proper way to succeed. T.TOCK has become one of the most successful companies out there dear, and I alone know why. Joanna, your predicament is one of grandiloquence, but I am here to help. Your problem is one of time management and expectation breaking, which are oh so high. The journalism business is a rough one, and it begs for great amounts of gossip and shallow judgment, which will soon become your expertise. We will make a plan, together Joanna; it will accentuate your assertive nature, which you will soon develop. Your timing will be impeccable, nothing short of immaculate, and your adoring follower base will follow shortly after. After all, if they do not love you, they will fear you. And as human nature goes, we tend to annihilate those who we fear. Sincerely, Clarice !