ISCOM 305 Final Exam Guide

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ISCOM 305 Final Exam Guide Set of 20 Question containing Multiple Choice and True/False Type Question 1. Which of the following factors account for the interest in organizational management? 2. The degree to which quality characteristics are designed into the product is commonly referred as: 3. ____________ is a method of identifying the causes of poor quality. 4. When employees are directly involved in the quality management process, it is most commonly referred to as: 5. Control Charts are graphs that visually show: 6. Process Capability Ratio is defined as: 7. The following activities are associated with supply chain: 8. The following attributes are associated with the Bullwhip effect: 9. e-Businesses replaces physical processes with imaginary ones: 10. RFID technology uses ____________ to transfer data: 11. The following concept is associated with the “Deming Wheel”: 12. A cause-and-effect diagram is also called: 13. The main focus of Quality Management 14. A document that provides a common understanding of a project is referred as: 15. Teamwork is a_________ element in achieving project success 16. In continuous replenishment: 17. Many companies employ “outsourcing” as a principle element of their strategy: 18. Phantom Bills are used for transient subassemblies that never see a stockroom because they are immediately consumed in the next stage of manufacture: a. True b. False 19. ____________ is an organization’s overall approach for physically producing goods and providing services: a. Outsourcing 20. Process plans are a set of activities that detail manufacturing and service delivery specifications.

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