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One foggy evening in a grocery store Jacob is called to his boss’s office. In his boss’ s office Jacob is told that he is fired. Then his boss turns around in his spinny chair with his pet chameleon in his arms and tells Jacob to get out of his office. But just before Jacob leaves he notices a newspaper on his “used to be bosses office” with an article on it that says “security guard for Vernan Asylum $1000 a week” so Jacob picks up the paper and goes to his car. The next morning Jacob gets dressed, Makes his coffee, Fills out the job application, And drives to Vernan Asylum. When he got there Jacob got out of his car, Went into the Asylum and gave the Asylums warden the applicat ion and the warden said “You’re hired”. So Jacob got his brand new uniform on and the warden and the other guards brought him for a tour around the Asylum. At the end of the tour the Warden privately brought Jacob to their craziest and most violent inmate “SMILES”. But SMILES wasn’t in there so Jacob asked “where is SMILES” and the warden said “in the decontamination room” and Jacob said “ let’s go see him” but the warden screamed “NOOOOOOO” and Jacob asked why and the warden replied in a voice so high it almost made Jacob deaf “it’s time for your job Jacob” And Jacob said O.K in a satisfied voice. So he walked around the Asylum to the security room and opened the door and was surprised to see the warden standing in the middle of the room looking at Jacob with the biggest smile Jacob had ever seen on anyone. And the warden walked towards Jacob grabbed Jacob by the shirt, Pulled Jacob toward him and whispered in his ear in the same voice he spoke to him before “This night job will be the death of you” and walk ed away.