Titanic First Class

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First class Titanic Hello, my name is Allison Creighton I have boarded on the Titanic indeed I was in first class, but I am not a snob. When we set sail to go off in the sea,I noticed the food menu first…of course. The Titanic had many different food choices like the hors d'oeuvres, oysters ,cream of barley,poached salmon with mousseline sauce,cream of cucumbers and much much more.I have noticed that there was approximately 325 to 329 passengers or something like that. All of the sudden the boat started shaking and the captain is calmy running around saying; keep calm and go to your cabin. CRASH, BOOM, BANG the boat is getting ripped into shreds. The titanic was the ‘unsinkable’ ship,I thought in a sarcastic tone.As I was running through the 100’s of passengers on borad running to find a life boat,I spent over 4,000 dollars for this ticket and I get an opportunity to die, that’s just great. I remembered my beautiful cabin that I bought was underwater within just a few minutes. In the middle of my thought I was thrown into lifeboat 14, with a bunch of woman and just a few men. In my mind I had a thought wondering in my head,’am I going to die today’ who can tell me how can I know! I can't die today I have to visit places see sites and meet new people. While I was sitting in my cabin there was a lot of parts of the boat flying everywhere inch by inch the boat disappeared as well as passengers 3rd class 2nd class 1rst class and even some workers from the boat I couldn't believe my eyes. Butterflies are in my stomach just making me quiver, i'm shaking from the cold air my goosebumps looked liked little beatles they were so big. My hair is flying everywhere with the sound of terrifying screams coming from the half cabins because the horrible shipwreck so much for the saying unsinkable. Tears rushing down my face thinking in my mind how much longer do I have to live,Screams are carrying around the halls but I heard a change in peoples voices its getting louder and louder and all of the sudden I heard a rip it sounded like when someone is trying to take down a door and sure enough the wind was trying to take down all of the first class doors,doors are just flying through the halls I soon noticed people flying through the halls and soon enough into the sea i was going to wonder if that was going to be me... OF COURSE its was me i'm holding on to the window in my cabin getting splinters everywhere in my fingers but that did not matter at the time because the only thing that matter at that time was if I was going to die. Now the anxiety is growing in my body bigger and bigger so I had to let go, before I had the chance to let go the window cell ripped very hard off the wall with which my hands were on. My hands were all red and just gushing blood.Smack goes my back Smack goes my face im drifting thru the halls getting hit by doors, walls,carpet and parts of the boat I think my face looked like a cherry about to explode. Peoples voices are going quiet for me just dead silent I knew this was the end for me I wasn't going to be a survivor,splash I knew I fell in the water I didn't have the amount of energy to the swim to the surface I knew I was going to drown so I just let myself go. In the water I saw dark red and sort of brown and bodies my eyes were barely open I knew it wasn't the scene I should be watching so as I let myself drift I let myself for surely go.

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