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The Crestbrook team set lofty goals from the very beginning – among them, a target launch of 2013. To achieve this, they sought a team of industry experts to lead the charge. With an emphasis on talent rather than location, Crestbrook built its team brick-by-brick by drawing associates from all areas of the country and all realms of expertise. This feat was truly an all hands on deck effort. With a clear vision for what success looks like, the Crestbrook leadership team began crafting its business plan. If affluent clients were the target, Crestbrook needed to have a clear appetite and strong underwriting discipline. Clients like this seek peace of mind when it comes to risk management and asset protection, so Crestbrook looked to deliver customizable products and superior services to the market. Independent agents and brokers also knew this well – and they too played a key role in not only shaping and validating Crestbrook’s business plan, but also their distribution model. Technology came next. Known now as Crestbrook Innovations, the team wanted to deliver a fresh, new platform to its agents. Ease of doing business would be the hallmark of Crestbrook, and intuitive technology was a crucial component of that vision. Of course, technology couldn’t be the only foundation for Crestbrook – it was about relationships, solutions and Unlocking Opportunities. Successful companies are more than just businesses, they are brands. Crestbrook took this approach to the next level, by building a community – one that would focus on developing and supporting its associates before anything else. With each new associate that joined the team, this culture began to take shape. The brand’s values were evident in each of them: bold, authentic, intuitive and responsive. On September 10, 2013, the growing Crestbrook team gathered at the first All Associate Launch near the company’s headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ. For some, this occasion meant putting faces to names they had seen hundreds of times before in emails. For others, that Tuesday was their second day on the job. But for everyone in the room, it was a day to cherish and savor. Each of them knew to expect long days and tireless nights ahead, but this was a moment to celebrate the work they had already accomplished as a team. Chapter 1: All Hands on Deck Insurance industry veterans bring invaluable experience and expertise to the Crestbrook team at time of launch. INDUSTRY VETERANS FRESH TECHNOLOGY STRONG UNDERWRITING DISCIPLINE AFFLUENT MARKET EXPERTISE IL & CA LAUNCH

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