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hannah west

Published on December 3, 2014

2 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. How Proximize Came To Be 2. How We Solved the Need 3. Features 4. Expansion and Goals 5. Meet the Team 3 Introduction Wouldn’t it be cool i you had an app that could maximize your time and prioritize your day eciently and eectively? I you want to make the most out o your studying in college, you gotta have some uel. But sometimes, it’s hard to put the books down even when your stomach’s growling. You don’t want to potentially risk wasting any study time because the lines at the dining halls are just too long. Proximize can help with that. Our app can tell you the capacities o certain acilities around campus, specifcally the dining halls, inspired by the use o Internet o Tings echnology (Io). What is the Internet of Things? By defnition, “Te Internet o Tings is the network o physical objects accessed through the Internet, as defned by technology analysts and visionaries. Tese objects contain embedded tech- nology to interact with internal states or the external environment.” Te Internet o Tings is having the internet do the work or you. It is taking advantage o resources that are available through technology to serve another purpose, whether that means using cell phone towers to show where road trac is or using sensors to heat and cool your house (thank you, Nest). Te Io allows us to use devices (computers, smartphones, sensors, applications, etc) to gather data and use that data to make our lives easier. A major way we have seen Io work is through smart objects — simple objects that are repurposed using technology to better our inter- action with them. But it doesn’t stop there - we have also seen it work to collect data that is useul in apps and could potentially change the companies advertising and marketing strategies. Not to mention, it allows businesses to improve eciency and productivity. Low-energy technology has maximized the potential o the Io. Radio Frequency Identifca- How Proximize Came To Be. 1