MySQL Install Document

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1. Installation Overview 1.1 Installation Requirements The company offers installation components, but does not provide the database installation. At present, the system supports the database mysql 5.1.XX version, download address : . 1.2 System Environment Type Quantity Server configuration Remarks Database server Software environment (1) Operating System: Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition (2) Database: Support for mysql Hardware configuration (1) CPU: Intel ® Xeon ® 5500 series or above, dual-core, clocked at 2.50 GHz or above (2) Memory: type DDRIII, memory size> = 4G (3) hard disk: SAS type, hard disk space> = 146G (1) If the offer is lower than the server hardware configuration, it will affect the system response performance. (2) Support the deployment on the same machine with managerment server, but we recommend a separate deployment.