BSHS 452 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Assessment Process and

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For more course tutorials visit This Tutorial contains 2 Different Worksheet BSHS 452 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Assessment Process and Needs Problem Statement Resource: Worksheet 3.1A Use worksheet 3.1A, Statement of Needs Questionnaire as a guide to complete this assignment. Do not submit the worksheet, rather use the information gleaned from the worksheet to write your assignment in a narrative format. Write a need and problem statement in no more than three pages that presents the service need or problem to be addressed. As a team, you will select an agency to write a proposal. It cannot be the same agency that a team member is using for their individual assignment. I would also recommend that you choose a local agency or state agency versus a national organization. If you choose to write a proposal for a national organization, you may find it difficult when you get to the budget part of the proposal. You will continue to use this same agency throughout the five weeks in your learning team assignments. I will be looking to see if your needs statement answers the following questions: 1. Have you discussed the need in terms of your project’s or program’s benefit to the individuals in the community who will be its customers (and not in terms of benefit to your organization)? 2. Does the described need have a clear relationship to your organization’s mission and goals? 3. Given your organization’s size and resources, can it meet the need in a meaningful way? 4. Does your statement include solid evidence supporting your claims about the nature, size, and scope of the need to be addressed? 5. Have you eliminated jargon and acronyms from the narrative? Is your need statement persuasive without being overly wordy?

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