BSHS 471 Week 3 Learning Team Presentation on a Self help Suppor

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For more course tutorials visit . As a result of the lecture, discussion, and presentation on self-help and mutual help groups during Week Two, the Learning Team participants will choose a self-help support system to research and make a 3-4 page paper during Week Three. The participants can either review information online and/or interview a coordinator of a local system. Participants will divide the research and presentation into the following areas: • The philosophy of the self-help support system. • The target population(s) served. • The functions of the self-help support system. • How the system interfaces with other programs or agencies. • The role (if any) of human services workers at the support system. • How and by whom the services of the support system are evaluated. • What the recent outcomes are, both positive and negative, of the self-help support system's services. • How the services of the support service could be improved. The Learning Team presentation will be provided during Week Three.

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