BSOP 330 Week 7 Quiz (Devry)

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For more course tutorials visit 1. (TCOs 5 & 12) Manufacturing cycle time is best defined as the (Points : 4) length of the work shift, expressed in minutes per day. time it takes a unit to move from one workstation to the next. time between the start of one unit and the start of the next unit. sum of all the task times to make one unit of a product. time from raw materials receipt to finished product exit. 2. (TCOs 5 & 12) The implementation of JIT offers several advantages, including (Points : 4) reduced throughput. increase in variability to better respond to variable demand. decreased profit margins. support for lean production. increased work in process inventory. 3. (TCOs 5 & 12) Which of the following statements regarding JIT in services is true? (Points : 4)

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