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EDEXCEL GCSE COMPUTER SCIENCE 2 In “Back to the Future Part 2”, the main character travels forwards in time. Is this really what life will be like in the near future? Watch this YouTube clip of the movie to see some examples of technology that the filmmakers thought might be around in the near future. The film was made in 1989 – were they right about the future and its technology? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkyLnWm1iCs STARTER DISCUSSION Imagine what technology will be available in 20 years ’ time. In small groups, think about the future. Discuss what it could be like and what types of computer technology may be in everyday use. Think about Computer Science technologies that have emerged recently … what do you know about new technologies and how they will affect life and society? KEY OBJECTIVES Understand what is meant by Artificial Intelligence (AI) Be able to give examples of AI in the real world and explain its impact on society

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