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Create an interactive experience for your partners and end customers with Flipsnack’s digital catalog solution. Join other manufacturing and wholesale businesses that:

  • Receive orders and quotations directly from their catalog
  • Distribute catalogs privately or publicly
  • Measure the impact of catalogs with real-time statistics
  • Keep up-to-date and on-brand easily
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    How other companies are doing it

    Companies like Electrolux, Newell Brands, and Melissa & Doug have been using Flipsnack for a few years now. Flip through some of their achievements below.

    Streamline your B2B selling processes

    Elevate your catalogs
    Turn product catalogs into a memorable buying experience with interactive features like videos, links, product tags, and more.

    Reduce the back-and-forth
    Add shopping lists to your publications and simplify your order management process.

    Stay on-brand
    Share branded links of your catalogs and design brand-locked templates with your team.

    Why choose Flipsnack?

    Save costs

    Links are cheaper than paper, so turn printed catalogs into digital ones, and easily distribute and update in seconds.

    Share privately

    Keep your quotation catalogs confidential by sharing them privately or adding a password for an extra layer of protection.

    Analyze results

    Check real-time insights to see how prospects interacted with your catalogs, and how many orders they placed.

    This is what your catalog could look like

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