LSW MiniConference Guide

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5 Ways To Use Social Media in the Classroom Session:   1    |    Location:   2119   From   creating   Instagram   pages   to   connecting   students   with   experts   via   Twitter,   social   media   has   taken   root   as   a   legitimate   classroom   learning   and   communication   tool.   Discover   and   practice   five   unique   ways   of   incorporating   a   variety   of   social   media   platforms   in   the   classroom   and   identify   the   guidelines   of   implementing   it   in   an   educational   setting.        Is   this   for   me?   Social   media   seems   like   a   good   fit   for   my   teaching   style   and   class   but   I   need   some   ideas,   guidance,   and   time   to   practice.     Presented   by:    Suzanne   Smith  ‐‐  @LSW_TitanArt     Create a Google Site Session:   1    |    Location:   2115   This   session   is   for   teachers   who   do   not   currently   have   a   Google   Site,   but   would   like   to   create   one.    We   will   work   from   a   template   so   you   will   leave   this   session   with   a   Google   Site   ready   to   use   with   your   students.        Is   this   for   me?   I   need   the   time   necessary   and   some   support   for   building   a   google   site.     Presented   by:    Jill   Rice  ‐‐  @jill_riceits     Current Student Issues and LSW Interventions Session:   1    |    Location:   2063   During   this   session,   we   will   discuss   current   physical   and   mental   health   issues   with   Lee's   Summit   West    students.    Increased   awareness   will   assist   in   identifying   behaviors   and   providing   resources   to   our   students.    In   addition,   academic   and   behavioral   interventions   currently   used   at   Lee's   Summit   West   will   be   explored   and   reviewed.        Is   this   for   me?   Many   of   my   students   seem   to   be   facing   difficult   issues   and   I'm   not   sure   who   to   turn   to   for   help.     Presented   by:    Brad   Parson    Joni   O'neil         Jill   Dusing   Google Classroom - Just the basics Session:   1    |    Location:   LMC   During   the   session   Amy   and   Megan   will   walk   you   through   setting   up   your   very   own   google   classroom.    Nicole   will   share   her   experiences    using   google   classroom   and   some   tips   she   learned   along   the   way.        Is   this   for   me?   I   think   I   want   a   Google   Classroom  ‐  but   I'd   like   a   little   more   information   and   someone   to   hold   my   hand   while   I   push   the   button.     Presented   by:    Megan   Chambers  ‐‐  @mchambers31   Amy   Taylor  ‐‐  @AmyTay71        Nicole   Cusick  ‐‐  @NicoleCusick  

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