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Thing(s) (s) noun 1 an object that one need not, cannot, or does not wish to give a specic name to: look at that metal rail thing over there• (things) personal belongings or clothing: she began to unpack her things. • [ with modier ] (things) objects, equipment, or utensils used for a particular purpose: they cleared away the last few lunch things. 2 an inanimate material object as distinct from a living sentient being: I'm not a thing, not a work of art to be cherished. • [ with adj. ] a living creature or plant: the sea is the primal source of all living things on earth. 3 an action, activity, event, thought, or utterance : she said the rst thing that came into her head | the only thing I could do well was cook. • (things) circumstances, conditions, or matters that are unspecified : things haven't gone entirely according to plan | how are things with you? • an abstract entity or concept : mourning and depression are not the same thing. • a quality or attribute: they had one thing in common—they were men of action. 4 (the thing) informal what is needed or required: you need a tonic–and here's just the thing. • what is socially acceptable or fashionable: it wouldn't be quite the thing to go to a royal garden party in boots. • used to introduce or draw attention to an important fact or consideration: the thing is, I am going to sell this house.

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