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Standard 1: Minnifield Long-Term Project

Marcus T Minnifield

Published on December 3, 2014

2. If hotel costs are given in American dollars then that is good. If not, you must convert your price from your country’s currency to US dollars because you will need to know how much money you are spending. Many countries do not accept traveler’s checks so cash or credit must be used. Know what credit cards can be used in your country. Use a currency converter website to convert US dollars to country currency. What type of currency is used in your country? 3. For your meals, entertainment, and rental car, you must convert your US dollars to your country’s currency. Use a currency converter website to convert money. You will need t o pay using country currency in restaurants and stores. How much money will you need? Remember to add all the expenses listed above that must use country currency. You will not want extra country money because it will need to be converted back to US dollars before you leave to come back home. 4. Calculate costs for each expense area listed on the spreadsheet: airline, hotel, meals, entertainment, rental car, and required documents. For meals, calculate a total for each item: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Also find a total cost for all meals for the 5 days. Give individual costs for passport and driver’s license and a total costs for required documents. Calculate the grand total of the trip. Add border lines to appropriate columns. What is the overall cost of the trip? 5. Format the spreadsheet as follows: a. Title, 16 pt, bold, Book Antiqua, text dark blue, centered across spreadsheet, shaded light blue b. Subtitle, 14 pt, italic, Book Antiqua, text light blue, centered across spreadsheet, shaded pale yellow c. Include a double line, red, box border, around the two row heading. d. Body of the spreadsheet, 11 pt, normal, Book Antiqua. Adjust column width as necessary. Format costs to currency, with 2 decimals. e. Rotate the column headings 15%. f. Apply a cell style to the body of the spreadsheet. g. Add a graphic somewhere on the spreadsheet showing a site of the country traveled. h. Add the following comments to the cells in the worksheet: i. Hotel costs cell – type your hotel name ii. Airline costs – type name of airline used iii. Rental car costs – type the type of car rented iv. Format the comment boxes for white fill with black text. i. Add a page border to the spreadsheet of your choice. Make sure the spreadsheet fits on one page and horizontally and vertically center the sheet on the page. Include a footer with name, date, and filename. j. Save your document as travel_xx. Print your document showing comments as displayed. Drag and adjust the comments so they don’t cover any data in the sheet. Print again showing formulas.