Flipsnack for marketing agencies

Today’s marketing expectations demand engaging, mobile-friendly, and trackable content. Flipsnack’s intuitive tool lets marketing agencies organize effective campaigns with powerful on-brand content like pitch presentations, brochures, and more by:

  • Making interactive content
  • Ensuring brand consistency
  • Public or private sharing
  • Tracking through statistics
Win more clients with interactive flipbooks.

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Build immersive experiences through interactions

Marketing moved beyond boring brochures sent via email. Make a lasting impression with interactive materials clients will remember. Our intuitive Design Studio has features to create immersive flipbooks for your clients' complex marketing needs.

Internal & external links

Optimize flipbook navigation through customizable hyperlinks. Use them internally as go-to-page buttons or as external links for online destinations.


Connect interactive charts to spreadsheets and represent relevant information in business reports, infographics, or other internal documents.

Audios & videos

Enhance reader experience through audio and video elements within marketing materials with ease. Upload files or use URLs from YouTube or Vimeo.


Display content in your flipbooks through iframe codes for a flawless reading experience. Increase appeal through virtual tours, maps, and more.

Captions & Tags

Include additional information through captions or tags to avoid visual clutter and maintain a professional look. URLs or texts grant access to further details.

Lead forms

Set up lead forms for ebooks, articles, or other gated content, download the information in a CSV for easy storage and use them in marketing campaigns.

It’s really easy to use, it looks great because the interface is really simple and clean. I have been so impressed that I have even recommended Flipsnack to several other design companies.

Luke Moatt

Create branded materials for every client

Ensuring brand consistency through every pitch presentation is simplified with Flipsnack. Adapt your brand kit for each of your client’s needs and platforms. Branding made easy for every marketing material.

Client branding kits

Every client has their own fonts, colors, typography, and logos. Organize them in folders so your team can easily design and customize on-brand materials.

Branded locked templates

Design templates necessary for different clients that ensure brand consistency. Lock different elements in flipbooks and save them for future on-brand projects.

On-brand custom domain

Activating the custom domain will remove all Flipsnack traces from documents. Promote brands further by sharing the full-screen branded URL.

Streamline collaboration from one dashboard

Working on multiple campaigns is routine in marketing agencies, but having more designers and marketers on different projects can get complicated. Manage these campaigns without mixing up marketing materials. With Flipsnack, you can organize teams and workspaces by granting roles and permissions to streamline collaboration and workflow.

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Flipsnack gave me the professional look I desired and versatility to customise my flipbook keeping it true to my brand, which was very important. I believe that using Flipsnack has taken my business to the next level.

Aaron Ricks
Senior Digital Editor

Share content however your client wants

Ensure your clients approve marketing materials through private sharing before they go live. When approved, share content publicly to reach their large audience. Various sharing options are made easy for your clients with Flipsnack.

Public sharing of marketing materials

Empower your clients with multiple public sharing options and make their marketing materials accessible from every platform and device. Update shared flipbooks on the go in the same URL and let them choose from multiple sharing options:

  • Share through social media
  • Share through a direct link
  • Share through the QR code
  • Embedding on the website
  • Share through email

Private sharing of internal documents

Communicate with partners and other stakeholders securely by limiting access to flipbooks. Ensure that internal documents, reports, or other sensitive information remain confidential through SSO access. Choose from the secure sharing options available:

  • Unlisted sharing
  • Password protected
  • Share with readers only
  • Share through SSO access

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Track your shared content

Marketing agencies can track performance for themselves and their clients. Keep an eye on clients’ goals and performance targets to optimize their content and deliver a winning marketing strategy. Keep track of reader engagement through impressions, clicks, downloads, and time spent to help your clients adapt their strategy based on real data.

Embrace digital flipbooks and attract more clients