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mike morin


Furled Leaders, What are they and why do I want one…?
A furled leader is made from continuous lengths of material that is woven into a smooth knotless taper. Memory in your tapered leader robs your cast of the built up energy that is generated from the flex in your rod. Remember high school physics, energy travels through a straight line. If you have coils / memory in your tapered leader, you are losing much of the energy of your cast. With furled leaders, you use much longer lengths of tippet than you have used in the past. Most fisherman use between 4’-7’ of tippet when using a thread furled leader. Thread furled dry fly leaders require a floatant / paste to be applied to the leader. The paste not only keeps the leader floating high, it also eliminates over-spray. Furled leaders do not throw any more overspray then standard tapered leaders.

Presentation: You will see improvements in accuracy, casting into the wind as well as your casting distance will be lengthened. Another major benefit, you are always fishing with an engineered / designed leader. No more short stubby leaders that will not turn a fly.

Most furled leaders come with a loop on the fly line end, and either a tippet ring or a loop for easy tippet changes. Using the ring, you simply attach tippet using the same knot you use to tie on your fly.

Furled leaders are known for their durability factors. If a furled leader is used properly, i.e. use the appropriate size tippet for that specific leader, they can last a full season of heavy fishing. This makes furled leaders extremely cost effective.
If you have not yet giving a furled leader a try, you owe it to yourself to do so. No other small dollar purchase can have such a positive effect on your fly fishing experience.
Mike Morin
CutThroat Leader Company, Boise ID.