PSY 331 Week 2 Quiz (10 Correct Answers)

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PSY 331 Week 2 Quiz (10 Correct Answers) For more classes visit 1. Question : Some evidence shows classical conditioning is _________ involved in interpreting advertisements. 2. Question : The Rescorla-Wagner Model, originally used for accounting for the behavior in conditioning rats, can also be applied to: 3. Question : Someone with damage to their hippocampus will be able to remember the feeling of fear but will not: 4. Question : According to the text, mathematical models of learning are important because: 5. Question : To explain blocking, Kamin proposed that: 6. Question : Students who experienced speaking anxiety received systematic desensitization or insight-oriented psychotherapy. Two years after treatment, research indicated a/an ______ improvement based on pre-treatment levels. 1 of 1 Comments: 7. Question : According to the model ∆ (Vmax – V), preexposure to a stimulus: 8. Question : In the experiment conducted by Colwill and Motzkin, rats were given liquid sucrose and food pellets after two different CS were presented. This experiment showed: 9. Question : When a dog attempts to eat the light bulb that is presented as the CS, he is using which learning system of the two-system hypothesis? 10. Question : Vmax in Rescorla-Wagner mathematical equation of surprise represents:

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