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Non-Debit FB Graphics-linked


Published on December 3, 2014

GET A PLATINUM DEBIT MASTERCARD ® AND FEEL CONFIDENT THIS HOLIDAY SEASON CONVENIENCE. PROTECTION. CONFIDENCE. HOW YOU CAN KEEP YOUR CARDS SAFE IN PUBLIC • Always have your credit or debit cards in your possession. • Create a unique PIN and don’t share it. • Make sure no one is watching when you use your PIN. • Never use a card number or identifcation or write it on a check. AT HOME • Maintain good records o your fnancial transactions. • I you see a questionable transaction immediately notiy the card issuer. • Never give out your card number to someone you don’t know. • Get a copy o your credit report once o year rom each o the three credit bureaus. ON THE INTERNET • Never purchase rom an unsecure site. • T urn o the computer when you’re not using it. • Change passwords and PINs periodically. • Know that legitimate institutions will not email you asking or passwords or updated inormation.