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<www.excelunusual.com> 2 - The speeds attained in the modern competitive swimming are well over any estimate made just a few of decades ago. - This is in because of better coaching helped by two important tools, the stop watch and the video camera. A swimmer can now measure his performance more precisely and can also see himself with his own eyes during practice. This is much more efficient in correcting his swimming technique than listening to coaches alone. - The first tool we need for improving speed in Excel is a stopwatch. - Let’s look at the following VBA code =>>>>> - It is essentially an infinite loop which prints in cell B4 the value of the number of loop iterations per second. - The VBA time function “Timer” retrieves precisely the number of seconds since midnight. - The variable “Measurement_Start” is initia - lized at the start of the loop and during each loop cycle the macro will print in cell [B4] the loop iteration speed which is the number of loop cycles divided by the time passed since the start of the loop. Benchmarking Excel speed –the stopwatch macro “speed_test_1”: - I’ve been using spreadsheets to replace an hour of simulation time with a second of simulation time, for almost no cost (Excel) and most often with a significant but acceptable drop in precision. - Creating animated models in Excel allows the average Joe to focus on engineering and science rather on syntax and this is because 99% or more of any model can be developed using built in worksheet formulas. Dim p As Double Dim Measurement_Start As Double Sub speed_test_1() p = 0 Measurement_Start = Timer Do [B4] = p / (Timer -Measurement_Start 0.001) p = p 1 Loop End Sub

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