A professional author and life-long learner is part of my life purpose to empower and educate others to join innovative Professional Learning Communities in the form of both Christian Ed Consortioums and Training Networks.
My goal is to develop, train and engage children, youth and families in socio-economic advocacy and community economic networks.
As a future candidate for a Doctorate Degree in Education Leadership and Psychology, I am involved in both study, application and research to better prepare for my dissertation and to impact the fields of Christian Education through Character Development, AfterSchool STEM, Digital and Liberals Arts, Social Enterprise and Community Economic Development.
As big task ahead, I am compassionate, fearfully and wonderfully destined to share information and resources. The Purple Womb is a book I authored in 2012 to introduce and begin to refine and publish this platform.
Psalms 139:13-14 inspires me to pursue a higher call as a Faith Scriptologist and Professional Learning Advocate.