Flipsnack for students

Embrace the digital ways of creating school assignments, presentations, or newspapers with Flipsnack. You can:

  • Start from scratch or use templates
  • Use Design Studio for interactions
  • Send it in via link or email

Impress teachers for that straight A within budget.
$12 per year - that’s $1 for each month

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Templates for any school project

Flipsnack brings forth countless school templates created by our best designers. Choose a newspaper template to customize and fit your school’s newspaper needs, and ace your studies with presentation templates for your classes. Enhance your school projects in no time.

Our Design Studio makes school assignments fun

Create assignments with Flipsnack’s Design Studio and let imagination and creativity come to life through immersive videos and interactive navigation. Customize projects with drag-and-drop features, then save them as templates for any visual aids or school assignments.

Visual of a flipbook art project with editable text and photo of girl with a drawing pad made in Flipsnack


Include internal links that make it easier to browse your school work or external links to provide additional information to land your argument.


Access a vast gallery of images and videos, or add spotlight images, GIFs, and stickers. Upload your own photos for a personal touch.

Social media buttons

Add social media buttons to your project and connect it to your socials. Use interconnectivity to boast about your educational prowess.

Send in your project with one click

Never miss a deadline due to difficulties in the sharing process. Through an active internet connection, sharing school projects is as easy as copy and paste. Whether your school wants it via email or link, Flipsnack gives you the options you need.

Share via link

On any accessible channel, you can copy and paste the link of your published project and just press send.

Share via email

Send professionally designed emails with a preview of your flipbook and a customizable description.

Share on social media

Use Facebook, X, or Pinterest to boast about your project with an appealing preview for more feedback.

Access your project offline

When you can’t rely on a secure internet connection, download your school project and have it available at all times. Save it in any format ready to be browsed offline.

Visual representation of the icon of a PNG file


Download your entire flipbook as a PNG or JPEG for a more compressed version in a high-quality format.

Visual representation of the PDF icon


Download your project as a PDF and have it available anytime and on any device, or print it for a physical copy.

Visual representation of the icon of an MP4 file


Download your school assignment as a short preview MP4 video or GIF to share on social media or hosting platforms.

Frequently asked questions

Flipsnack for students allows high-school, college, and university students to create their own flipbooks for various school assignments with our intuitive Design Studio.
   1. Set it up by creating your account individually;
   2. Get access to design features and functionalities.
   3. Start your design from scratch and save them as templates, or use existing fully customizable templates.
   4. Add hyperlinks, videos, images, GIFs, and so much more.
   5. Once your project is done, you can download it as a PDF or other desired format, and your work is finished.

The Flipsnack free-trial version lasts for 14 days. Once this time expires, as a student, you can choose the Student Plan for $12/year, billed annually. That means that it would be broken down to $1/month. That’s right - for less than a cup of coffee as a student, you can access design tools for professional-looking flipbooks for your school projects, assignments, presentations, or newspapers.

Yes, your flipbooks are fully downloadable in PDF form as well as other formats for different needs. Once you created your flipbook, you need to publish it and choose the download option you want. These are PDF, PNG, JPEG, MP4, and GIF. While the first three options will result in the entire flipbook downloaded, the last two provide previews of the flipbooks that can be used to spark interest.

Flipsnack for students

Get started with Flipsnack for Students. Create your own templates for different classes, save them, and use them later on, or use templates from our professionally designed templates gallery that you can customize to fit your needs.

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