BSHS 382 Week 5 Team Assignment Statistics and Hypothesis Testin

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For more course tutorials visit Prepare a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation on statistics and hypothesis testing. For Local Campus students, this is an oral presentation accompanied by a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation; for Online Campus and Directed Study students, this is a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes. As a Learning Team, use one of the following StatCrunch data sets from MyStatsLab®: • Anorexia, as described on p. 383 of Statistics • FL Student Survey, as described on pp. 22 and 23 of Statistics • Georgia Student Survey, as described on pp. 22, 23, and 151 of Statistics • Olympic High Jump, as described on pp. 124, 125, and 128 of Statistics Each Learning Team must work with a different data set, so check with the facilitator for your data set assignment. Refer to this course’s reading material and at least two scholarly sources from the University Library. Incorporate the following elements into your presentation: • Introduction o Introduce the Learning Team members and the data set. o Briefly explain how the data was gathered and identify the study population. • Descriptive Statistics o Define descriptive statistics and list the various descriptive measures. o Explain how descriptive statistical analysis increases understanding of the data. o Include an original graph created with StatCrunch that uses at least one descriptive statistical measure to illustrate the data set. • Inferential Statistics o Define statistical inference and include and explain at least one original inferential statistical calculation. o Use StatCrunch to check the calculation and show the steps in your presentation. o Explain how inferential statistical analysis increases understanding of the data. • Null Hypothesis Testing o Explain the purpose of null hypothesis testing and provide examples of null hypotheses that may be tested

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