Baby Invitation Templates

At Flipsnack, we want you to feel comfortable that you always have solutions at hand! Your new baby is here, but before we get into online baby shower invitations, there are a few aspects that you might consider.

Christening invitations or baptism invitations may be the first spiritual steps your baby will make into this world. We understand that spirituality plays an important part for you. And it should. We’re not all numbers and statistics. We must make room for something more than that. That’s why we’ve put together both christening invitations for baby boys and christening invitations for baby girls. Baptism and christening are frequently used interchangeably. But we know, as well as you do, that there can be a subtle difference between them. With a baptism invitation card you get to please the whole crowd. Your baby’s rite of admission can now be watched by your family and all of your closest friends. We’ve got plenty of sample invitation cards for christening as well as for baptizing. Be sure to check them all out! We’re positive you’ll find something more than suited for the occasion.

Now that your baby’s first ceremony is complete, what’s next? You’re thinking about throwing a party. After all, your baby may not be heir to a crown, but it’s still the most significant being for you! Then how about trying some baby shower invitations online free of any charge? That’s right. You simply have to pick one of our templates and start having fun with it. Edit it as you please. Add pictures from the baptizing ceremony. Change the colors to match your baby’s blue eyes. Do whatever you please, as all of our templates are fully customizable. Just don’t forget to download and print them. When years go by, you may want a physical reminder of this special occasion also.

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