Other Newsletter Templates

Newsletters are about keeping your audience up to date with the latest developments in your company, school, or other organization. Inform your customers about your next winter sales with our Christmas newsletter template. If you’re not sure what design would be the best fit, you can browse our template library for more Christmas newsletter ideas. Choose one of our free Christmas newsletter templates and use our editor to customize it to your own preference in no time.

If you’re looking into sending newsletters for other holidays, we have plenty of other holiday newsletter templates you can choose from. Any future sales and promotions you’re having? It’s so easy to announce them. Simply add all the necessary information, suggestive images, play with the layout and once you’re happy with the result, download and share it with your audience. Everyone likes a good mid-summer sale. Why not inform your customers in advance with what’s in store for them with our summer newsletter template. You can make it as cool and fresh as you want!

Perhaps you’re aiming more towards families with kids? Say no more, we have you covered! Choose one of our family newsletter templates and get creative with colors, fonts, and design. And since families usually like a good old fashioned routine, try to send your newsletter on a predictable schedule so that they can have an idea when they should receive it. You can also use our family newsletter templates to keep your extended family up to date with your current traveling itinerary or big achievements you’ve recently had. They’re so versatile, right?

Newsletters are also great at informing your own employees about all sorts of events, reunions or changes that will take place inside the company. You can make this on a monthly basis or however often it’s needed. Just choose one of our newsletter templates and personalize it with your logo, colors, and fonts and you’re ready to send it to their Inbox. It’s so easy to design a cool newsletter with Flipsnack! See it for yourself!

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