COMM 105 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Collaborative vs. Indiv

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For more classes visit Consider the following before presenting the Collaborative vs. Individual Writing Presentation: Most texts on writing assume an individual author: they assume just one person will be writing a work, and they address the challenges involved in the writing process from that perspective. Collaborative writing, however, is becoming increasingly important in the workplace. Truly consider the foundation of these questions before you present during Week 5:  How does collaborative writing work and how should it work?  Is the collaborative writing process the same as the individual writing process? If not, how does it differ? Present a 10 to 15 minute, 8-12 slides PowerPoint presentation that analyzes the team writing process. Identify the similarities and differences between the individual writing process and collaborative writing processes. Address the following questions in your presentation: How do prewriting activities like brainstorming and topic selection differ for individuals and teams? How do teams revise written works, as opposed to individuals? How do teams edit written works, as opposed to individuals? How do teams proofread written works, as opposed to individuals? How should conflicts in team writing be resolved—and why would these techniques be appropriate? How is team identity developed in the writing process? How do teams determine when a paper is good enough? How should difficult issues like plagiarism be addressed—and why would these techniques be approp

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