Unit 12: Customers, Inventory, Safety

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Instructional Procedures: Directions: As responsible digital citizens, all must take great care of their health and wellness, and the digital community needs citizens with clear minds and sound bodies. Being proactive about one’s digital health and wellness by scheduling, implementing, and documenting a series of steps that ensure mental and physical health remains a focus of this project. Plan a series of dates to modify current technology use habits and consider ways to modify technology use habits for the better. Identify and set dates to take advantage of opportunities to complete the following:  employ ergonomic tips (e.g., adjusting posture when using laptops)  initiate a thoughtful balance between time online and the exercise that is necessary to our body operating at peak efficiency, and  completely unplug, spending time with friends and family enjoying time outside, away from technology. Using Microsoft Publisher, you will select a calendar template and create a Digital Calendar. Select a month to adopt healthy digital habits. Schedule appointments in a digital calendar with notations, such as the following:  sit up straight today  take a 30 minute walk  dine with friend, silence mobile phone Include on your calendar, the month, your name, a healthy quote, Digital Calendar as your title, at least one picture, and be creative. ***Check out the sample Digital Calendar*** Ergonomics Website Resources U.S. Department of Labor site about ergonomics https://www.osha.gov/SLTC/ergonomics/ Healthy Computing http://www.healthycomputing.com/health/discomfort/index.html


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