Unit 13: Workplace Skills

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Instructional Procedures Directions: Read the PowerPoint presentation Ch. 15 Human Resource Management. Follow the guidelines to writing and creating a newsletter. You will use the template given to create the newsletter. First Page (Do not change any of the font, manuscript, or sizes)  Change the name of the newsletter in the black box from The Extra News to _________. Change the black box to a different color.  Change the All About The Big World We Live In title under the box to a title that overall represents what the newsletter will be about which is workplace skills. Where it says Exclusive News Today, delete and type By (your name) .  Headline - Create an attention-getting phrase that will make readers want to read your article.  Lead Paragraph – Title should be 21 st century Skills for Success. In no less than 10 sentences, talk about the 21 st century workplace skills and their importance to the job.  Create a word cloud from abcya.com using the qualities listed that are important to demonstrate in the workplace. Save the Word Cloud in My Document; title it Unit 13 Word Cloud. Open it up and copy and paste it into the large white area under your headline. Size it so it fills up the entire area. Qualities: responsibility, initiative, dependability, punctuality, respect of others, professional dress, positive attitude, self-respect, integrity, adaptability, flexibility, energy, professionalism, work ethic Under the word cloud summarize the importance of them. A minimum of 4 sentences is required.  In the middle column, choose a college and write about it. Start the sentence off with the name of the college. Make sure the article mentions the location of the college, a few majors that are offered, and what the college is well known for. Place a picture that represents the college in the white open space to the right of the article.  In the black bottom column your title should be Quote of the Day . Find a quote that deals with business. It can be a financial quote; it can be from a famous entrepreneur, or a quote about job success. Place the quote under the title. Do not change the color of the box. Second Page (Do not change any of the font, manuscript, or sizes)  In the first column on the left, write a job description using the scenario given. Title the article Classified Jobs . Scenario: Assume that you are a CEO for a restaurant and need to fill a human resource manager job for your company. In at least two paragraphs, write a job description for the ad.  In the second column on your right, mention and discuss the laws that keep interviewers from asking certain questions at a job interview. Title the article, Your Rights as an Interviewee . Title the subtitle, Wrong Questions to Ask . In bullet format, list 5 questions that should not be asked at an interview.  In the middle column, title the article Dress for Success . In the white space, place a picture that represents correct attire to wear to a job interview. Then for the written portion, talk about the do’s and don’ts to what to wear to a job interview and why it is important to dress professional. In the white open space to the left of the article put a picture that represents a person at an interview.  For the 4 four columns at the bottom of the second page you are going to place pictures of people in business attire. -1 st column: Title: Women ’ s Business Attire, picture needs to be of a woman in business attire. -2 nd column: Title: Women ’ s Casual Business Attire, picture needs to be of a woman in casual business attire. -3 rd column: Title: Men ’ s Business Attire, picture needs to be of a man in business attire.


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