Sell more with interactive real estate brochures

Simplify the process of creating engaging real estate presentations:

  • Start with a PDF, from scratch or with a template
  • Add interactive elements in our Design Studio
  • Share the presentations with your potential clients
  • Connect your MLS system and create presentations quickly
Reach a wider audience and sell properties faster with Flipsnack.

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Go from print to interactive real estate brochures

Turn any real estate brochure into a digital presentation with interactive features. Include image slideshows or virtual tours for an immersive experience. Add maps, GIFs, captions, links, and other interactive elements.


Flipsnack is a catalyst in the transition to a more sustainable business. It combines the feeling that a paper catalog gives with interactive and easy-to-use multimedia features that take the user experience to the next level.

Fabiola Vidal
Digital Marketing Product Owner

Create reusable branded templates

We know the importance of branding in real estate, so we have made it easy for you to create branded templates in our integrated design tool that you can quickly update with listings information.

Create branded brochures

Personalize each brochure according to your brand guidelines. Add custom fonts, colors, typography rules, or logos to your presentations.

Lock elements

Once you are done with the design, ensure brand consistency. Lock the position, size, style, and content for the elements in your brochure.

Save templates

Save the branded design as a template and share it with your team. All your agents need to do is change the listing information for each presentation.

Speed up the process with MLS

Different properties to showcase? Don’t waste time creating multiple presentations. There is an easier way.

  • Connect your MLS database to Flipsnack
  • Create a real estate presentation and save it as a template
  • Drag and drop listing information into the template
  • Use a single design for multiple presentations

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Bring your agents together for the same goal

Get your team together in Flipsnack and collaborate on designing on-brand, interactive real estate presentations. Manage projects and group teams and properties into different workspaces. Organize internal documents into folders and share them with your real estate agents. Do it all in a secure environment.


Flipsnack it’s a great PDF converter tool for interactive storytelling that funnels into lead generation and conversion – all within the same ecosystem!

Danny Wong
Head of Growth & Innovation

Sharing options to fit your needs

Reach your audience easily from any device with our different sharing options:

  • Share as branded full-view links
  • Send the listings via email
  • Share as posts on social media
  • Embed presentations on your website
  • Generate and share a QR code
Regardless of the method, sharing your listings has never been easier.

Embedded brochure on website

See how your real estate brochures perform

With Flipsnack, it’s easy to see how clients interact with your brochures

  • Measure views, impressions, downloads, and average time spent
  • Track statistics for each page individually
  • See how users engage with interactive features
  • Connect Google Analytics to access advanced data

Seal more deals with interactive real estate brochures