Geography class IX & X

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2 The structure and the relief features are found transverse to the coast. 3. Remains of fossils animals and plants. There is marked similarity in the fossils and vegetation remains found on the Eastern Coast of South America and the Western Coast of Africa. 4. Evidences of sea  oor spreading. It has been reported from geodetic evidence that Greenland is drifting westward at the rate of 20 cm per year. The evidence of Sea  oor Spreading after 1960 have confirmed the movement of landmasses with respect to each other. Wegener thought that, in the beginning, the present continents were part of a bigger land mass which is called Pangaea. The northern part of Pangaea he named Laurasia and the southern part Gondwanaland . According to his history, the shapes of the continents at present are such Figure 1-1 Map showing Pangaea, Gondwanaland and Laurasia. Earthquake Zone Collision Zone Subduction Zone Direction of Plate Movement Spreading Oceanic ridge Figure 1-2 Map of the world showing plate boundaries Reprint 2014

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