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Whether we see the outcome now or ten years from now, we can make a difference with green publishing. Flipsnack provides a paperless office software that allows you to upload your PDFs and turn them into brochures, magazines, newsletters, and more.

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Why Flipsnack?

Create, upload, share, and secure all your PDF documents in one paperless environment. With Flipsnack, you can transform your PDFs into sustainable online flipbooks, saving you paper, time, and money, and allowing you to keep your documents secure in your paperless office.

Why you should become a paperless company

Did you know that becoming a paperless company can have a huge impact on the environment and your wallet? In fact, a single sheet of paper can cause more harm than you might think.

Printing harms the environment

  • Over 40% of the commercially cut trees in the world are used to produce paper
  • A single sheet of paper can take up to a tonne of water to produce
  • If it’s not recycled properly, paper produces methane, which can harm the environment

Printing harms your budget

  • A single employee can make over 8,000 copies per year, and 17% of those go to waste
  • On average, 3% of a company’s revenue is spent on paper and printing
  • This means a company with annual revenue of $10 million will spend $300,000 on paper

Report Templates

Set your worries aside and grab one of our report templates. With our Design Studio, you can take it to the next level by adding interactive elements.

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Newsletter Templates

With these templates, your newsletter will never be the same again. Add your own details, images, and more. Say goodbye to boring newsletters and hello to interactivity.

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Employee Benefits Guide Templates

There’s no time like the present to upgrade your employee guides. These templates provide you with the perfect start. Add all your details and make it your own.

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Business Brochure Templates

Give your business the boost it needs. These business brochure templates give you everything you need to really elevate your business. All you need to do is insert your details.

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Business Proposal Templates

Take your business proposals to the next level. Keep stakeholders informed and engaged. Use these templates and customize them to be exactly what you want.

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Get the most out of your paperless experience

Fully digital

Fully digital

Flipsnack is a fully digital, paperless office software. From start to finish, you can keep your documents online and save paper.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Whether you’re uploading your own PDF, using one of our templates, or creating something from scratch, Flipsnack’s green publishing solution is incredibly easy-to-use.

Secure sharing

Secure sharing

The best way to go paperless at work is to keep everything digital, including sharing. Share PDF documents with security and ease.

Your choices now will make a world of difference

Maximize sustainability, minimize environmental impact, switch to a paperless office. Choose Flipsnack.