Employee Benefits Guide Templates

One thing everyone checks before accepting a job is what are the employee’s benefits and perks? This is where you, as an employer, can create an informative and clear employee benefits summary template, packed with relevant details.

Before starting to elaborate on each aspect, create the table of contents for a clear train of thought. If your firm offers online benefits, explain how your employees can enroll and apply for that, or who is eligible for redeeming those perks.

Try to also include details about the private healthcare insurance, like a general list of what is covered: medical, vision and dental. Depending on how detailed you want to make your employee benefits package template, you can consider integrating a section about pension or retirement plans, along with extended leave (vacation or sick days).

Add the color scheme from your branding elements, with pops of color from the chosen high-quality images. Visuals are important not only to break the text, but also to represent what the words are conveying. In the context of the pandemic, many businesses had to transfer at home, so discuss briefly about the work from home policy, if that’s still the case and about working hours.

To help with decision making, dedicate the last page of the content to list the next steps for a potential employee. Keep it concise, short while talking about preparing, deciding and acting.

Perhaps a modern employee benefits handbook is the right pick for your business and we have templates for that, as well. Enter our Design Studio, drag and drop a template to start customizing it, while exploring neat features. Take inspiration from one of the ready to use templates and get clear guidelines as to what content to include. Add large shapes, with background colors that pop and different line sizes to underline a subtitle or simply to contribute to the design overall. A great feature available in Flipsnack is checking the statistics of your publications, such as the average reading time of a handbook or you can analyze the graphs for devices and sources. This will help you visualize what devices were used to access your publications and how people found them.

When everything looks ready to be distributed with your future employees, share your employee benefits package template digitally, using the full-view link. Not only does this save you printing costs, but it also makes it easier for your employees to access the guides online. However, if you want to print the design, you can do so by simply downloading it as a PDF for print. Then, take it to your local print shop and make use of it physically.

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