Drink Menu Templates

An expertly crafted beverage menu design takes a lot of time and knowledge to put together. Mixing the perfect cocktails with appealing descriptions into a drink menu design is hard work. And not everyone knows how to do it properly. Even if you’re an expert mixologist. When it comes to bar menu design, many bartenders go that extra mile to catch the attention of cocktail drinkers. From new bar concepts to food inspired cocktails, the bartending industry has reached new highs.

As many high-end cocktail bars aim to provide a full sensorial experience for their customers and many bartenders and bar owners focus on bringing new flavors into their drinks, the cocktail menu design comes second. And so Flipsnack is here to help with a drink menu template or even more designs that will help make your cocktails be the true celebrities. We know that any good bar menu template should have plenty of space to include all your well-mixed cocktails and drinks and also a brief appetizing description. People need to know what they drink. But don’t forget good photography. No matter how well designed the cocktail list template is, if your images are not high quality, it will make the entire cocktail menu design look plain. And you surely don’t want that.

With any of our cocktail menu design templates, your work is almost done. You can have your own bar menu design within minutes. It honestly doesn’t take you longer than mixing a drink. Or two.
But rest assured, when it comes to designing a beautiful, modern and clean looking cocktail menu design, Flipsnack comes in handy. It makes for your perfect companion. Simply choose the cocktail menu template of your choice and customize it to fit your drinks. And voila! You’ll have a print ready bar menu design within minutes. The best part about it is that you can also share it on social media and invite people to try out your new cocktail menu. What better way to promote your bar?

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