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Wholesale and retail business is very competitive. As a retailer, you must know how complicated it is to turn visitors into customers. By creating automated rich media online product catalogues, you can take your retail marketing strategy to whole new levels.

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Create your own professional catalog

More often than not, creating product catalogs involves many stakeholders. The process is rather long and complicated. Design interactive product catalogs in no time, with Flipsnack. Watch the video below to see how.

Bring your PDFs to life or customize a catalog template

Upload PDF

Upload PDF

Convert readers into customers. Upload your PDF catalog in Flipsnack and turn it into an immersive shopping experience by adding interactive elements.

Pick a Flipsnack template

Use an online catalog template

Designing your own retail marketing materials doesn’t have to be a struggle. Pick a professionally designed online catalog template and add your own products.

Create on-brand online product catalogues every time

Today, you can streamline your entire catalog production workflow by using Flipsnack. Producing branded product catalogs is a task everyone in your team can do. Create a brand kit and design catalog templates you can easily update at any given time. Take full control of your catalog making process and customize your profile to the fullest with custom domain.

Build your brand kit

Interactivity drives more sales

Having an online product catalogue is a powerful e-commerce tool. Not only you can showcase your products in an enticing way, but you can sell more by adding an extra layer of interactivity. Through videos, links, shopping buttons, product tags and more you can make the entire add-to-cart process more smooth. Link your Shopify store and drive sales directly from your online catalog.

Add interactivity

Sell faster with shopping lists

Allow your clients to add products to a shopping list directly from the catalog, with the help of interactive shopping areas and shopping buttons. Customize them with titles, descriptions, images, prices, and more. Once they create the shopping list, clients can download it as a PDF and send it to you as a quote or wishlist. Perfect for wholesale and retail businesses alike.

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Automate your product catalog process

The thought of producing large amounts of product catalogs gives you headaches? How about automating this process? With Flipsnack’s catalog automation tool you can simply connect your product data sheets and populate your catalogs automatically with product tags, price, images, captions, and more. This video will shine a light on how Automation works.

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Share where you want to sell

Share your catalogs with the world
Send your retail promotional materials as beautiful newsletters directly from Flipsnack. Update your interactive product catalog every season, and easily embed it on your website. Keep your social media community engaged with your latest collection by sharing your online catalog on every social media platform you’re on.

Distribute to resellers only
With Flipsnack, you can share catalogs with distributors and retailers privately. Save your sales marketing materials as unlisted, password-protected, or only with specific people. The last option is the most secure and advanced sharing option, also the best way to protect your catalogs from unwanted views.

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There is more to Flipsnack

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Analytics and statistics

Take informed marketing decisions. See how your clients interact with your online product catalogue directly in Flipsnack. Dig even deeper with the Google Analytics integration.

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Everyone in the catalog making process can contribute by using all the collaboration features available in Flipsnack such as contextual comments or status labels.

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An elegant and easy to use online catalog such as Flipsnack allows us to update quickly and lessen our environmental impact with fewer paper catalogs printed.

David Lee
Founder, Poetic Pillow

Take your retail marketing strategy to a new level with Flipsnack.