Flipsnack - a versatile solution for every industry

Flipsnack meets your industry’s expectations through:

  • complete brand control
  • a variety of public and private sharing options
  • a complex Design Studio, full of interactivity
  • high security, SSO, 2FA
Give Flipsnack a try to see what it can mean for your business, whether it’s retail, real estate, medical or travel related.

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Real estate

Flipsnack for real estate means showcasing your listings in an engaging and captivating way using virtual tours of your properties. Enable your real estate agents to immerse potential buyers into a property using virtual tours. Help them book a home viewing within the same brochure. Easily share new listings via email, direct link or social media for more reach.

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Retail & wholesale

As retailers or wholesalers, time is money. Use resources wisely when promoting more catalogs with different collections. Create interactive branded templates that you’ll reuse over and over again by replacing the products. Share catalogs digitally with a click and reach your audience faster. Add videos, product tags or a shopping list within your catalog to make the ordering process hassle-free.

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Marketing agencies

Marketing agencies have one big goal: to meet their client’s campaign expectations. Bring your PDFs in Flipsnack or create engaging flipbooks with videos, photo slideshows, and tags. Share brochures, catalogs, or end-of-the-month reports via email, links, or social media to raise awareness about your client’s brand. Access valuable statistics to help present campaign results easier.

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Travel industry

Your travel agency’s destinations could enjoy more clients if you include interactivity within the offers brought in front of prospective clients. Insert videos and photo slideshows of the stays and sightseeing into your promotional brochure to make their decision easier. Make your offers available by embedding them into the travel agency’s website or using a QR code for your hotel’s restaurant menu.

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Nonprofit organizations

Raise more funds for your nonprofit organization with interactive digital presentations and newsletters. Fill them with videos of your campaigns, of volunteers helping out and appeal to the donors’ hearts. Share them privately or publicly, depending on the document and ensure access only to your intended audience. Use all the resources at hand to continue creating a better world for those who need it the most.

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Medical industry

Flipsnack for the medical industry means an easy way to create promotional content for physicians and patients or interactive reports. To better showcase your medical products, use product tags where you can insert more information or photo slideshows for more pictures in a small space. Share them via email or unlisted, depending on your receiver. Make sure you’re leveraging all the available functionalities.

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World Healthcare Journal created in Flipsnack
Med Lab magazine created in Flipsnack
Medical Atlas of European Stats created in Flipsnack
Medical newsletter created in Flipsnack

Finance industry

With Flipsnack, it’s easy to keep your financial documents secure when sharing them online. Send your credit, investment, and loan guides using a password or publish them unlisted. No finance reports will be public unless you decide so. Make them interactive with charts that open on top of the publication’s page. Maximize the resources that Flipsnack puts at your disposal.

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Flipsnack for the tech industry means secure internal sharing and better product promotion. Upload your PDF newsletter and product guide to Flipsnack and make it interactive with no coding skills necessary. Your catalogs can reach the right audience using social media or by sending them directly into your buyer’s inbox. Share internal newsletters using the unlisted option and send the link to your employees.

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Why should your company use Flipsnack?

Because Flipsnack can do what other tools can’t: become tailored for your specific needs. Whether you’re working in real estate, marketing, in the medical field or anywhere else, this complete solution includes your industry. From extensive privacy settings to branding options and interactive elements like videos, virtual tours and product tags, sharing your digital flipbooks comes down to a click. Begin the transition to a smoother design flow and better communication with your audience.

Choose Flipsnack as your complete solution for your business