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When designed correctly, your company guide template should offer a clear understanding of your values, policies and culture. Flipsnack has a variety of ready to use company handbook templates, for different types of businesses. Our designer team beautifully crafted them, while also creating guidelines throughout the layouts.

For example, take a look at this staff handbook template and notice what type of elements are to be included in it. You can start by summarizing your mission statement, along with the main goal for the following year or with a look back on the past year. Consider including the office locations, if multiple, for easier access by your potential future employees.

Afterwards, there’s no sample employee handbook without a section about presenting the team or different departments inside the company. Don’t overlook presenting the company’s expectations from the employee and vice versa. With this out of the way, there will hardly be any problems with misinterpretation from the employee’s side. Depending on the type of corporation, you can even include details about your brand, so any reader can understand what you stand for and what you support.

When it comes to the design itself, there are a lot of free employee handbook templates in Flipsnack’s Design Studio, ready to be personalized. An important mention is to make sure you incorporate your branding elements into your template, like your company name, color scheme, logo and typography. Flipsnack’s cool feature allows you to save it as a branded template for future use.

There’s also another category of templates, interactive handbook templates. This includes the great feature of interactivity, which allows you to add short videos, clickable links to your design and more. Increase your engagement with anyone interested in your company and make your template more eye-catching. Next, you can check out the statistics in Flipsnack, to see how much time a person spends on average reading your handbook and other useful information.

Whatever you choose to include when creating an employee handbook template, think of it as an easily accessible guide for your company’s policies and practices. In this tone, a section about your HR policies should be found on your company handbook template’s pages. Use it to underline details about office rules, sick days and a possible dress code. Don’t skip designing an engaging table of contents for your guide, as it is a very effective way to catch your reader’s attention and get him hooked.

Once everything is ready to be shared and distributed, download your customized template as a PDF for print. After you choose high-quality paper, print it in batches or share it digitally with your colleagues and employees. Try it out today!

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