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Publish employee benefits guides online with Flipsnack, making them readily accessible to clients and their employees directly in the browser. This secure, private, cost-effective solution also offers easy tracking with built-in statistics.

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This is how a digital employee benefit guide made with Flipsnack looks:

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Alliant Insurance Services
Arthur Gallagher

I call them interactive benefit guides because of the ability to link out to provider resources and embed educational videos to aid in the communication of open enrollment. My favorite part is that when you inevitably find a typo, you can just fix it and reload the corrected guide behind the scenes without calling attention to the error. It's easy to use and creates a wow factor at open enrollment that helps differentiate my firm from the competition.

Jeoffrey Lenderman
Lead consultant

Integrate Flipsnack as an employee benefit tool in your organization

Upload your PDF

Bring your employee benefits PDF to Flipsnack to convert it to a flippable publication in a few minutes.

Personalize the look and feel of your interactive guide

You can add interactive elements in your guide, and brand your employee benefits guide, booklet, or flyer.

Publish and get the sharing link

Get a private sharing link in a matter of minutes, or send your guides to clients via email, directly from Flipsnack.

Complete digital tool for employee benefit booklets


Invite teammates with different workspace roles to work together on assets.

Private sharing

Share the password protected link with clients on any platform or send branded emails with your guide.

Instant updates

Make real-time updates to your employee benefits guide under the same link.


Easily track statistics that help you understand how clients interact with your benefits guides


Our platform supports the integration of links, videos, forms, and interactive maps

Mobile friendly

Provide a consistent reading experience for every screen size and every client

Advanced privacy options

We're well aware that employee benefits guides are important documents that should be used for internal communication. At Flipsnack, we provide multiple ways in which you can protect your guides and keep them confidential:

  • password protection
  • publish unlisted
  • via email
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    Start from personalizable employee benefits templates

    Employee benefits template guide
    Employee benefits template open enrollment
    Employee benefits template guide
    Employee benefits template summary

    These employee benefits templates are designed to be easily customized with your detailed texts, extensive tables, and interactive links. Tweak a template or craft a unique design from the ground up. Flipsnack simplifies the creation process of professional employee benefits brochures and guides.

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