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Grab everyone’s attention with a new stunning poster design. Create your own poster by choosing a premade template from us or start with a blank canvas. No design skills are required, our drag-and-drop poster creator makes things easy. Get that wonderful look you want within minutes!

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Coronavirus Awareness Posters

During these challenging times, it’s highly important to raise awareness with the help of a coronavirus information poster template. Choose your favorite one from our diversified collection and then personalize it to the fullest. Make sure to keep everyone informed by sharing your coronavirus poster template on social media. With Flipsnack’s online poster maker, it’s easy to take care of your society.

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Event Posters

Promoting your events is easier than ever. With the help of our dazzling event poster templates, you will successfully draw in the crowd. Be it a concert poster template or a conference poster template, you’ll find what you need by simply browsing through our gallery. Just get creative and then spread the good news. Both on social media and paper.

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Motivational Posters

Remind yourself every single day to achieve your goals with a unique and personalized motivational poster. Pick your favorite one from our wide gallery of free printable inspirational posters and customize it to the fullest. Add your own images, fonts, or colors and change the text to match your motivational mood. Print on premium paper or share on social media.

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Typography Posters

Designing typographic posters doesn’t need to be such a daunting task anymore. Take advantage of our splendid collection of typography poster designs. Make your choice and start editing right now. Arrange and modify each individual component with our drag-and-drop editor. Then download, print or share your modern typography poster on social media. See? It’s that simple to make your poster with Flipsnack!

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Scientific Posters

Sharing your captivating discoveries doesn’t have to be dry and boring. Promote your scientific lectures with a dazzling scientific poster template from Flipsnack. Select the most suitable one for you and start inserting your own photos and text. Save, then print your science poster template, or share it on social media. It has never been easier to create your poster with Flipsnack’s help!

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Intuitive Design Studio

Flipsnack is the best design and editing tool that helps you create your own poster online. The most advanced features are all put together in a very easy drag-and-drop interface.

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How to design a poster online

Make your own poster by simply following these 5 steps:

  1. 1. Choose the size of your poster

    First of all, you should select the right size of your poster you want to make. Keep in mind that we have different shapes and sizes for each poster template. Feel free to also set a custom size if you want.

  2. 2. Pick a design poster template that suits you the most

    Opt for one of our free poster design templates from our stunning collection. Just browse through our library and you’ll find what you need. There’s also the option to start with a blank canvas if you already have something in your mind.

  3. 3. Customize your poster design

    Edit the selected poster design template and make it your own. It’s a child’s play to work with our editor. Play around with colors, change the fonts, upload your own professional images and also add some texts.

  4. 4. Download and print your poster

    When you’ve finished personalizing your poster, download it easily in a high resolution and printable format and spread it everywhere.

  5. 5. Publish and share your poster online

    Distribute your poster via social media and then make it more well-known by publishing it online. You’ll see how easy it is to do this with Flipsnack!

Amazing features to boost your online poster design

Easy to use

You don’t need to have technical or design skills in order to create with Flipsnack. Simply choose a poster template, edit it and publish it.

Professional look

A beautiful and professional design poster will always catch the attention and impress people. Choose Flipsnack if you wish to create such a poster.

Upload custom fonts

Flipsnack allows you to upload and use your own fonts when creating posters. Upgrade to a premium subscription if you want to take advantage of this amazing feature.

It’s really easy to use, it looks great because the interface is really simple and clean. I have been so impressed that I have even recommended Flipsnack to several other design companies.

Luke Mowatt

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some tips that will amp up your poster making skills:
   • Consider your target audience
   • Make sure your poster can be read from a distance
   • Use contrasting colours
   • Establish a hierarchy between the elements of your poster
   • One big image is better than a hundred smaller ones
   • Focus on typography, choose your font carefully
   • Don’t forget to add a call to action

The theme of any poster is the main idea that goes behind it. For a research poster, the theme may be ‘climate change’. For a disco event it could be ‘to bring up the vibes of the ‘90s’, and so on. A poster can cover lots of different themes. From scientific, academic or research posters, to event ones, one thing is certain: whatever the theme, it must be clear, concise, and attractive.

An academic poster is a method of fastly and efficiently presenting your research both visually and textually. A well designed academic poster will highlight the premises and conclusions of your research in a more concise manner.

Creating a digital poster will require you to use a digital platform such as Flipsnack. Register, access our Design Studio and then it’s a matter of dragging and dropping elements until you reach your desired design. Finally, make sure to download your digital poster as print-ready PDF, so that you have the best of both worlds.

What else to try:

Flipsnack empowers you to create a variety of on-brand digital publications, from magazines to online catalogs, and more. Try it today!

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