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Location: Lenexa, KS

Team size: 100

Founded: 1968

Website: https://www.hairuwear.com/

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Flipsnack provides our retailers and consumers with the ability to access our entire portfolio of products anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Michael Ferrara
Chief Marketing Officer

Founded as Eva Gabor International in 1968, HairUWear is the number one alternative hair company in the world, providing the industry’s most highly regarded, fashion forward, quality wigs, hairpieces, hair extensions, hair accessories and hair replacement programs to businesses worldwide.

HairUWear's portfolio of brands is marketed in over 40 countries and includes the Raquel Welch® Wig Collection, Hairdo®, Great Lengths®, Gabor® Wig Collection, American Hairlines®, HIM by HairUWear®, and more. With twelve patents and more in development, HairUWear is innovation driven. HairUWear has US offices in Florida and Kansas, plus five overseas locations.

As a result of our association with Flipsnack, we’ve received a lot of very positive response and thanks from customers who appreciate us helping them be more effective and efficient when working with HairUWear.

Michael Ferrara
Chief Marketing Officer

HairUWear produces printed catalogs for all of their brands. Their retailers share the printed catalogs as a physical reference when consulting with customers. Printing also allows them to control the product color selection, whereas colors may vary on different device screens and computer monitors. But since customers have started to move from an almost 100% print based environment to digital, they have decided it’s time to publish their catalogs online, too.

HairUWear started using Flipsnack as a digital publishing platform in 2013. Nowadays they publish a new digital catalog every time they produce a new printed catalog, which can be anywhere from 4 to 14 per year across all brands in their portfolio.

Flipsnack provides our retailers and consumers with the ability to access our entire portfolio of products anytime, anywhere, on any device. We can easily link to any online catalog in our emails and social media posts, and embed the catalogs on our website.

Michael Ferrara
Chief Marketing Officer

HairUWear uses multiple channels to share their digital catalogs

Flipsnack allows visitors to quickly search for their favorite style, download the catalog for offline viewing, and drives traffic to the corporate website of HairUWear. Their retailers are also able to Share the catalogs on their own websites, via email and through social media. As Michael Ferrara stated, the customers also appreciate Flipsnack’s user-friendly interface and its aesthetically pleasing and clean presentation of the catalogs.

It is very convenient to have a single branded landing page on Flipsnack to easily view all HairUWear catalogs at a glance. The brand’s Sales team often shares the Flipsnack landing page with customers, and they also share the catalogs further with their prospective clients.

Flipsnack’s analytics tool provides extra insight into marketing and product performance. Managers find it interesting to see which pages/products have the most clicks.

This gives them an idea of how well a product may be performing and which styles are most appealing. It is also good to know which devices the viewers are using and their countries.

As the global leader in ‘alternative hair’, HairUWear continues to leverage technology to extend our leadership position! While very hard to tease out the effect of Flipsnack and separate the impact from our other marketing efforts, we feel Flipsnack has been an invaluable partner.

Michael Ferrara
Chief Marketing Officer

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