Flipsnack for Classrooms

Inspire your students with digital courses, school projects, or presentations made with Flipsnack. Improve the educational experiences by:

  • Converting PDFs into multimedia flipbooks;
  • Setting out assignments to captivate young minds;
  • Sharing projects faster and easier.

Interactive school work at their digital fingertips.

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Captivate students with digital flipbooks

Transform static PDF courses or newsletters through simple or bulk uploads into digital flipbooks in seconds. Students can interact with them, create their own designs, and develop digital skills. Our Design Studio provides engaging learning opportunities to nurture digital literacy.

Elevate digital learning with interactions

Enhance school materials through clickable links for further research on topics without overcrowding the material or simply to improve navigation. Add multimedia elements like GIFs or images for creative projects and save them as templates for later assignments.

Visual of digital flipbook of school course with interactive features hyperlinks, table of contents, and a GIF

Linking options

Improve student experience with navigational or external links and connect with social media buttons. Edit the flipbook link for clarity.

Uploading images

Transform assignments into creative adventures where students can upload their own visuals or use the spotlight effect to save space.

Saving templates

Optimize school assignments by creating and saving templates to be used by the group for later work on similar assignments in class.

Seamless group learning

Arrange flipbooks in folders for school or parent newsletters to better organize your or your students’ work. Taking turns working on a project for the best group results will help to combine their talents. Organize flipbooks by labels so you can find them easily.

Visual representation of folder organization and different users in Flipsnack

Share knowledge easily

Access flipbook projects by copying and pasting the link on the desired platform. Publish flipbooks unlisted to hide them from search engines and download them for offline access. When you’re done, share via:

  • Full-screen link on messaging apps
  • Preview on social media platforms
  • Professional email teaser
  • Immersive website embeds

Visual representation of school newspaper sharing options with highlights on unlisted and social media sharing through links

Flipsnack for Classrooms

Engage classrooms with courses turned into interactive flipbooks for students to stimulate their creativity. Bring courses in the digital age and encourage students to take turns working on projects to create original templates with the Classroom plan.

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