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Whether it’s a business document, a short publication or a personal project, Flipsnack is the right platform for your digital booklet. Just upload your PDF and our software will make your booklet look exquisite. Share it on social channels to get likes and impress your community, or send it via email.

Enhance your booklets with Flipsnack

Flipsnack has many advantages for your digital booklet. You can use to create a custom booklet that is highly sharable and embeddable. You can activate the download option if you wish! On top of that it’s super fast and easy to use.

Easy to use

Our software does all the heavy-lifting. You just have to upload your PDF on our platform.

SEO friendly

We will make sure that search engines will crawl and index every word of your booklet, if it's public.


Your booklet will look great on all devices and on all modern browsers.

Privacy options

You control who sees your booklet. It can be set private or public, it's all up to you.

Booklet examples

Published by Ardingly Col
Published by Patti Restivo
Published by Joaquin Prime
Published by Luke Mowatt
Published by Nick Perkins
Published by Michelle Smith

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