Engage your Audience with an Online Brochure

Print brochures are an important part of any marketing strategy for both small and large companies. That’s why you should also make your brochures available online. Using online digital publishing platforms, you can easily convert PDF brochures into digital brochures. What’s more, you can also enhance them by adding rich media, interactivity and page flipping effects
to engage your audience.

Mobile friendly brochures made easy with FlipSnack

FlipSnack is an easy to use digital publishing platform that allows you to create digital brochure within minutes. You can use the online editor to create your digital brochure starting from templates or from scratch or just upload and publish if you already have one designed.

Fast file import

Upload your files (PDF, PNG, JPEG) to our browser based editor and you’re ready to publish your digital brochure within minutes.

Easy to use online editor

Our easy to use editor allows you to add hyperlinks, interactivity and to create custom skins and new pages for your digital brochure.

Rich media & interactivity

Increase reader engagement by adding video and other rich media to your digital brochure.

Supports e-commerce

Add e-commerce buttons to your digital brochure so your readers can shop directly from it.


Your digital brochure will work perfectly on any device and on any operating system.


Digital brochures are indexed by major search engines such as Google so it can be easily found by your audience.

Advanced stats

See how your digital brochure is performing. Advanced stats show you what pages your readers find engaging and what they click on.

Flexible display options

Display your digital brochure on your website or share it in emails, newsletters or on social media.

Brochure examples

Published by Delta
Published by wherewomenwork
Published by Jennifer Vatza
Published by CNP Brands
Published by 9E6EEAAF8D6
Published by BKM
Published by Joel Edmondson
Published by exidasellersville
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Published by camjnls
Published by The Bay Club Company
Published by The Bay Club Company

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