Flipsnack for Universities

Fulfill your internal and external communication needs through interactive brochures, newsletters, and admission guides. Bring your institution’s promotional and educational materials center stage through Flipsnack by:

  • Creating newsletters from scratch
  • Uploading and enhancing courses
  • Customizing ready-made templates
  • Saving templates for future use

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Communicate better through dynamic content

Reinforce your institution’s reputation on and off campus through appealing educational and promotional materials. Transform newsletters, admission guides, and courses with interactive elements that captivate staff, parents, and students.

Hyperlinking possibilities

Streamline navigation admission guides with internal go-to-page links. Include external linking to deep-dive into exciting extracurricular activities.

Multimedia experiences

Ignite your school’s spirit through on-campus videos, slideshows, and GIFs. Feature student images that show your community’s vibrant heartbeat.

Interactive embeds

Satisfy student curiosity with virtual tour embeds of on-campus facilities and outline their journey with maps. Refine feedback through surveys.

Provide accessible brochures for all students

Design ADA-compliant materials for institutional equity. Inclusive educational or promotional flipbooks offer equal access to academic opportunities through keyboard navigation and screen reader accessibility. Empower every learner with alt text and other AI features.

On-brand communication every time

Maintain brand harmony effortlessly across all documents, internal or external. Implement guidelines for recognizable on-brand materials that uphold your school’s image through different elements tailored to your specific needs.

Branding kit assets

Store your university’s colors, brand fonts, typography rules, and logo in a shared library accessible to all in charge of design. Streamline the creation of promotional or educational materials in your marketing campaigns or course publications.

Connect brand domain

Maintain a consistent university identity through customizable URLs by connecting your website domain to your profile. Ensure consistent branding and host sensitive publications for increased connection security through custom certificates.

Optimize design workflow

Organize in folders and labels

Arrange vast document libraries in folders and subfolders for easy access. Create intuitive navigational hubs where anyone can find what they need.

Collaborate in workspaces

Group teams in different workspaces for well-organized environments. Grant access through secure sharing and ensure efficient collaboration.

Set permissions for each role

Manage your marketing team by assigning roles for each user. Set permissions for each user based on their roles by customizing them accordingly.

Share promotional materials with the public

Motivate aspiring students and curious parents to apply through interactive brochures, university presentations, or admission guides. Make them available by:

  • Embedding them on your website
  • Sharing links via messaging apps
  • Sending professional emails
  • Sharing social media posts

Share on social media, email or on websites

Share private documents with specific groups

Provide important stakeholders and teachers with secure budget reports, attendance reviews, or insightful newsletters. Safely give access to confidential publications through:

  • Unlisting them from search engines
  • Password protecting access
  • Emailing select addresses

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See audience engagement metrics

Check how students, parents, or staff engage with your newsletters. Analyze their behavior through views, clicks, and average time spent on flipbooks, pages, and individual interactions and tailor future publications for increased engagement.

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Flipsnack for Universities

Transform your university's communication with Flipsnack flipbooks! Empower students, faculty, and administrators with immersive digital newsletters, admission guides, courses, and reports. Amplify your institution's brand presence effortlessly.

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Amplify university presence with Flipsnack's engaging flipbooks