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Flipsnack helps you create, share, and track digital flipbooks instantly. From static to dynamic PDFs by adding a page flip animation to any catalog, brochure, or magazine. Make a flip book online using our advanced digital flipbook maker.

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Convert PDF to flipbook online to get a professional attractive page flip effect, easily.

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Meet Flipsnack: the #1 flipbook maker on the market

A flipbook is an interactive HTML5 publication that recreates the page turning effect of a printed book that’s easy-to-read on any device. And since 2011 Flipsnack has been helping millions of people create a long-lasting impression through interactive flipbooks with the most comprehensive options you can find within an online flipbook maker.

Meet Flipsnack, the #1 Flipbook Maker

How to make a digital flipbook online

Add a professional interactive page flip effect to your PDF with the 3D flipbook animation.

Turn PDF into flipbook

Start by uploading the PDF to Flipsnack and transform it into a PDF flipbook in seconds. Alternatively, you can design your publication from scratch or personalize a pre-made template in Flipsnack’s Design Studio.

Customize your PDF with effective PDF document enrichment methods: links, videos, slideshows or adjust the settings of the flip book player, including colors and other branding elements.

Choose between public and private, then publish and share the PDF flipbook on social media, email, your website or anywhere else you wish. Shared interactive flipbooks are mobile friendly, and can be accessed from any device. Download the animated flipbook or export your design as PDF.

Track your dynamic PDF once shared through an online flipbook maker. Access insights such as clicks, average time spent reading your PDF flipbook, as well as places and sources from where it was accessed. View a detailed report for every page of your flipbook, or access in-depth insights with Google Analytics.

Why Flipsnack’s flipbook maker is the choice of many professionals

Experience the full power of Flipsnack

Flipsnack is not just a flipbook software, it also has an integrated Design tool where you can add videos, GIFs, slideshows, internal and external links, or even lead forms. Include 3rd party content: maps, house tours, or surveys for optimal engagement.

Video & map interactions in flipbooks made with Flipsnack

Add a shopping list to your product catalog and allow customers to create order lists fast while browsing. Then, they send you the list via email and you will easily be able to keep track of orders in this manner. Create a simple and quick buying experience for your customers.

Shopping list integration in flippable catalogs

Showcase your brand on every page flip publication to stay consistent wherever you share it. Personalize them with custom colors, your logo, and remove all Flipsnack branding from your online flipbook. Include your custom domain for fully branded flipbooks, every time.

Fully branded flipbooks with custom domain name

Distribute the online flip book link on all channels: social media, chat groups, your intranet, emails, or via a QR code. Embed the interactive flip book on your website or blog to enjoy maximum exposure on any promotional material you create.

Flipbook sharing options
Video & map interactions in flipbooks made with FlipsnackShopping list integration in flippable catalogsFully branded flipbooks with custom domain nameFlipbook sharing options
Flipbook statisticsTeam collaboration on flipbook creationShowcase of password protected flipbookProof of accessibility for flipbook

Track results with our flipbook app’s statistics to learn what drives engagement. Insights such as number of clicks, avg. reading time, and views impact your flipbook content strategy instantly. For more in-depth statistics, integrate Google Analytics to your Flipsnack account.

Flipbook statistics

Improve workspace collaboration and guide your team towards the same goal. Manage projects, invite teammates, and assign different roles. Leave notes directly on flipbooks, and ensure brand consistency with the right shared assets.

Team collaboration on flipbook creation

Control the desired level of privacy for your flipping book with SSO sharing, password protection, or unlisted. Set your profile private to protect all the PDF flipbooks you publish with a digital flipbook maker.

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Make and publish accessible digital flip books so that everyone can read your publications online. Allow your content to be available to visually impaired people with Flipsnack’s accessibility integration.

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Choose a flipbook software that scales with you, as your business grows

Flipsnack for individual use

For individuals

You get all the tools you need to create, enhance, distribute, brand and track your flip books online.


Advanced privacy settings


Interactive videos, audio, tags and more


Statistics and Google Analytics


Sharing options


Branding: colors, fonts, logo, URLs

Flipsnack for teams

For teams

Bring your team in the same brand space and remain in control of who can edit any detail of your flipbooks.


Multiple workspaces


Roles and permissions


SSO (Single Sign On)


Teammates & activity logs 


Brand assets & control for teams

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See how our users create PDF animations with Flipsnack’s advanced flipbook software. The page flip effect works wonders for any type of publication, from digital catalogs to magazines, brochures and any other interactive flipbooks you want to make.

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