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Publish for all readers by enabling digital accessibility throughout your flipbooks. Flipsnack’s flipbook player is optimized for keyboard navigation and screen reader-friendliness, ensuring your content is fully accessible and inclusive to all audiences.

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Why content accessibility matters

1.3 billion people globally experience significant disability

people globally experience significant disability

96% of websites remain inaccessible

of websites remain inaccessible

75% of Americans with disabilities use the internet daily

of Americans with disabilities use the Internet daily

Are Flipsnack flipbooks fully accessible?

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At Flipsnack, we ensure flipbooks are fully accessible for readers. In our platform, you can create accessible content adhering to the WCAG principles and complying with ADA and Section 508. Check out our VPAT.

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Here’s what an accessible flipbook looks like:

Why make accessible content for readers

According to WHO's latest reports, 16% of the world’s population experiences significant disability. By creating accessible flipbooks, you essentially empower this community to have access to equal rights and opportunities. In respecting WCAG guidelines, your digital flipbooks can be:


Accessible content ensures effortless reading for all users, facilitated by keyboard navigation and user-friendly interfaces.


Accessible interfaces ensure usability for all users through clearly labeled navigation elements and easy-to-click buttons.


Accessible content needs to be understandable, clear, and consistent through simple language to avoid interpretation errors.


Accessible interfaces must be interpretable by evolving technologies and compatible with assistive technologies to guarantee inclusivity.

How to create accessible flipbooks

Our accessibility features help you create inclusive content that anyone can access regardless of the assistive technology they use or the nature of their disability. Ensure people with visual, auditory, or motor impairments get equal access to your content by following these simple steps.

  1. 1. Upload PDF or create from scratch

    Log into Flipsnack and choose an accessible PDF for conversion, or start from scratch. Your static PDF will become flippable and interactive digital content. Links will become clickable for an improved experience for all readers.

  2. 2. Enhance with interactions

    Besides the automatically generated links, all interactions are reachable through keyboards, making navigation easier and giving everyone a chance to access them.

  3. 3. Activate accessibility

    When your flipbook design is finished, go to customize and find the accessibility tab in the left side panel where you have to check Activate accessibility. Fill in the Title and Description for the pages you want to make accessible and save changes.

  4. 4. Publish and share

    Once you are done, publish the flipbook and share it through the various options available. When your readers want to access your accessible flipbooks, all they have to do is activate the accessibility feature by clicking that keyboard accessible button in the flipbook player. Screen readers like JAWS, VoiceOver, or TalkBack will read the content you put in out loud.

Navigate easily through keyboard navigation

Our flipbook player offers intuitive keyboard navigation, emphasizes each section for visual clarity, and clear labels optimal for screen reader compatibility. Craft accessible content that your audience can enjoy regardless of the type of keyboard or mouse they use.

Coming soon: AI-powered summary generation

Making your flipbook accessible doesn’t need to be a tedious and time-consuming manual task anymore. Through AI magic, we decided to simplify your work. No more copying and pasting content for each page. Let AI-integrated technology generate content summaries for each page and save you time. Generate, verify, and let screen readers speak!

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Make your content accessible to everyone with digital flipbooks.

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