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Turn your magazines into shareable GIFs or videos

Who doesn’t love GIFs? Or videos? They’re just a great format you can use to show a sneak peak of your flipbook. Flipsnack allows you to easily download your publication as GIF or as a 20 second trailer.

download catalog as GIF or mp4

How to share your content as GIF or video:

1. Log in and go to My Flipbooks. Locate the flipbook that you want to share as GIF, and click Details

2. From Download options you can choose between GIF or mp4

3. Upload the GIF or mp4 on social media or email and add a link to your full publication in your post or message.

Perfect for social media and email

Highly visual publications like catalogs or magazines are just perfect to be exported as GIFs or videos and shared on social media or through email. It is a great way to make your content look more appealing and engaging, than just by sharing a static image.

share GIF catalog