Catalog automation made simple

Simplify the production of your catalogs by connecting to various data sources from your end. Upload your CSV or XLSX files, or choose to connect to a Google spreadsheet to automate tasks that you now do manually.

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Using Flipsnack’s Catalog Automation Tool

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Easy product catalog automation for all brands

Flipsnack’s Beta Automator tool enables retailers and wholesalers to connect various data sources to their catalogs to automate the production of catalogs. Design your own branded product catalog templates to keep brand consistency while automating everything else. It’s the fastest way to produce an outstanding catalog from a data source.

The benefits of using Flipsnack’s catalog automation tool

Production process will cost less

Production process will cost less

Time is money, so if the catalogs are produced faster, you’re saving money

Catalogs will be created faster

Catalogs will be created faster

With smart templates, the creation of your catalog will take minutes, not hours

Catalogs will have fewer errors

Catalogs will have fewer errors

By connecting the data source directly you will reduce the human error element

Consistency across catalogs

Consistency across catalogs

Ensure brand consistency by working with your own branded smart templates

Create multiple versions easily

Create multiple versions easily

Make multiple catalog versions, using different data sheets with the same layout

Easy to update product lines

Easy to update product lines

Changes in your product line? No problem! Update, sync, and replace products

Find out how it works:

1. Prepare your data source (CSV, XSLX, Google Spreadsheet) for automation

3. Use an automated template or design one from scratch

4. Create dynamic fields and map the elements

5. Duplicate and place infoboxes

6. Drag and drop products on pages

Automate more with Flipsnack

Using Product Tag Automation in Flipsnack

Product tag automation

Simplify your workflow by using product tag automation. Often, product catalogs are filled with lots of product tags that offer valuable information about the items. With Flipsnack, you can also automate the entire process of adding product tags to your catalogs.

Using Popup Frame Automation in Flipsnack

Popup frame automation

Elevate your digital retail catalog by using automated popup frame elements. Include virtual tours of your offline shop, maps, forms, and more. Flipsnack gives you the opportunity to also automate the way you add these interactive elements in your online catalogs.

Using Video Automation in Flipsnack

Video automation

Avoid the hassle of manually adding videos to your catalogs with our video automation tool. Enhance your products with videos by simply placing the video button on the page, connecting it with your data source, and then dragging and dropping the video URL on the element.

Grab a template and see how automation works

If you’re interested in testing our automation feature, you can simply do it by choosing one of our automated catalog templates. When selecting one of these templates, you’ll be able to download a sample Google Spreadsheet document that you can use instead of creating one from scratch.

More automated catalog templates

Let us know if you’re interested

Frequently asked questions

If you still have questions and uncertainties, you should check out our course about automation that you can find on Flipsnack Academy.

There isn’t a limit to the number of product details you can include in your automated catalog.

In order to include images in your data source (CSV, XLSX, Google Spreadsheet), you will need to add them as image links. As long as the link is valid and the images are public, they will show up in your Flipsnack publication.

It is advisable to connect your data source with Flipsnack through Google Spreadsheets, as it offers a sync option. Any updates made in your Google Spreadsheets document will show up in Flipsnack when you click the sync button. When using CSV or XLSX, you will have to re-upload the file for each update made in your spreadsheet.

This option is not available directly, but for more information please contact us via live chat.

No worries, you won’t lose the data, as everything is saved in your automated catalog.

See what else you can do with Flipsnack

Besides creating an automated catalog, there are also other ways in which you can use Flipsnack. Here are some examples:

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