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Keep projects separate using workspaces

Each workspace is a separate environment that contains page-flip catalogs, designs, branding and team members. Every person who creates an account on Flipsnack will automatically use a personal workspace.

However, with Flipsnack, people are part of multiple workspaces. That comes in handy if a person wants to manage different brands, or be a part of different teams on Flipsnack. It can also be a great way to manage personal projects and business projects, keeping them separate. Switching from one workspace to another is really easy.

create additional workspaces

How to create workspaces:


Log in, and then click on your account photo from the bottom left corner


Then click on Create or switch workspaces


Select Add a new workspace and an overlay window will appear


Fill in all the required information for your new workspace

Great for freelancers and agencies

Workspaces are a great feature when you’re working for multiple brands, or clients and you want to keep the projects completely separate. Whenever you share an update on a project with a specific client, you can rest assured that the client will only see the work you produced for them.